Drama and Music


There are two types of elementary music programs offered by itinerant elementary music teachers – a vocal/general music program and an instrumental music program.  The vocal/general music teacher provides a comprehensive, standards-based instructional program for students and in-class music professional development for classroom teachers by
  • Instructing approximately 1200 children in 35 classrooms in 5 schools each week
  • Organizing and directing performing groups, such as choir
  • Conducting local staff development through classroom demonstrations, in-service training, workshops and individual conferences
  • Planning and conducting special performances
  • Providing leadership in the broad field of music at each school

Meet Our Vocal Music Instructor, Ms. Johnson


Ms. Johnson has been the vocal music teacher at  Garvanza since 2003.  In her professional career she has served as the President of the Kodály Association of Southern California (2010-2015), been a Musicianship Teacher at Los Angeles Children’s Chorus (2003-present), and served as Adjunct Faculty at Azusa Pacific University Summer Courses (2014-present).  In her spare time Ms. Johnson loves to go horse back riding and is currently an Assistant Coach at Sun Valley Saddle Club. For the last 17 years Ms. Johnson has also been a private music instructor on multiple instruments.  She is an asset to Garvanza Elementary and provides leadership in the field of music to our school.